subordinate  คือ อนุประโยคที่มาขยายความประโยคหลักให้มี

ใจความชัดเจนมากขึ้น สามารถแบ่งได้เป็น 3 ประเภท คือ

1. Relative pronoun

ได้แก่ whom who whose which that

2. relative adjective

ได้แก่ whether how why what where when

3. adverb clause  แบ่งออกเป็น 10 ประเภท คือ

3.1 adverb of time ได้แก่

while , after , before , until, as soon as,

when   whenever   all the time (that)

by the time (that)

since   as long as   so long as


3.2 adverb of  place ได้แก่

where wherever  as far as

3.3 adverb of comparative ได้แก่

as ………as , ………. than

not so ……….. as ,

such ……………. as,

3.4 adverb of concession ได้แก่

although , even though

even if

however, admitting that

notwithstanding that

in spite of the fact that

adv/adj. + as

albeit , granted (that)

conceded (that)

assuming (that)

regardless of the fact that

whenever , whatever, wherever,

whether …….. or not

3.5 adverb of cause ได้แก่

because , since

as , now that,

seeing that , whereas

inasmuch as

due to the fact that

owing to the fact that

in view of the fact that

because of the fact that

on account of the fact that

3.6 adverb of result

so ……… that

such ….. that

so that

3.7 adverb of purppose

in order that

lest, in case (that)

so that, that

so, for the purpose

for fear that

3.8 adverb of condition

if , unless

if only

supposing (that)

providing (that)

beyond that

but that , only (that) , except that,

save , saving that

on condition (that)

in case (that)

as long as

on the understanding that

3.9 adverb of manner

as if , as though,


3.10 adverb of reservation

except that, except for the fact that



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