Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle insurance is important to ones that use vehicle. We must pay attention  to  safety.

Not only they must take into account  the  safety ourselves but the  other ones also. For vehicle insurance , it is guarantee damage that occurs in the future and currently , the risk is more  road accidents . Especially during the holiday such as New Year’s Day , people will have a lot of traffic all increase the risk.

The government had recognized the loss of life and property from road traffic accidents. Gas exploded at New Petchburi road on September 24, 1990. In this event , the death of a large number of houses and property in nearby buildings were damages. The government in that period had enacted to protect victims from the vehicle.  For a vehicle that is registered with the Department of Transportation must do the compulsory insurance  or it is called that “พรบ.”
So that victims are treated in a timely manner. Do not wait to prove who the parties were at fault.


For those who use it. Voluntary insurance can be purchased with a coverage of more than a. Appropriate use of the car. Financial and purchasing power. You can save money on repair ,the cost of legal proceedings and insurance, or even driving in the accident.


Overall, the conclusion that it shall be. And voluntary insurance of at least Category 3 are secured to both ourselves and others. It is also cost effective. In case the incident , insurance companies will be responsible for damage covered by insurance.

Finally, a gift to those riders. Driving safety. Safety is not accelerate driving at high speed. And strictly adhere to traffic rules it.

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